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The story

The band beginnings is a true love story.

Once upon a summer there was a girl. She was a CERN secretary tired of waiting day and night for her permanently-on-shift physicist boyfriend, and so she decided to attract his attention by stepping on stage during the CERN Hardronic Festival to sing about her lonely nights in front of the entire CERN population. She asked her musician friend Silvano to write a song about her heartbreake, and a couple of girlfriends to back her up on stage. A few weeks later the Cernettes were on stage for the first time, for the delight of thousands of happy Physicists, singing Collider , the song that since that day became the National Anthem of the High Energy Kingdom.

In the years to come, the popularity of the Cernettes grew out of the valley of Geneva, to reach other nations and continents, as they performed in events such as International Physics conferences and The World'92 Expo in Seville. Silvano wrote many more songs and many singers and musicians came in and out of the band, each bringing a sligtly different flavour and taste, but the style of the band is solid and unique, and their fame grew larger and larger with every new gig, but they still have one problem: their boyfriends still spend their lives in night shifts.
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