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2017 Comeback!

July 16, 2017

Boy, what an epic night!! We loved singing again for you CERN!

Thanks to the festival organizer for having us again. A DVD is coming soon 

2017 Comeback!

July 12, 2017

We're all in Geneva and rehearsing , eating, having fun and getting ready for the big day: JULY 15th at 9pm CST at CERN!!

BE THERE or watch us on youtube live:

2017 Comeback!

Jan 25, 2017


We're planning a comeback this summer, witha special concert in Geneva. We all live scattered around the world now, so we are raising funds for a comeback. Give us a hand, click here

Lynn's latest album

Dec 15, 2013


Lynn's jazz band Veronneau, based in Washington DC, has launched a new album called Snowtime. Click on the picture to download it from cdbaby. You will also find her previous two there.


The "Goodbye CERN" gig

July 22, 2012


On July 21st, 2012 we said goodbye to our CERN fans, who saw us being born 22 years ago, and faithfully accompanied us throughout two decades. They came from all over the World to see our last performance at CERN. Said that, that was not our last performance full stop. We left CERN, but we are just about to plan a new career on much larger stages around the planet, to go meet our new fans in five continents. So it's Goodbye CERN, and Hello World!

Upcoming album

Feb 12, 2014


Working in his tropical studio at the other side of the World, Silvano is taking breaks from kitesurfing to work at a long waited new Cernettes  album. More to come soon.

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