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The Photo

This image is the first photo of a band to appear on the web. The Cernettes were invented at the same time, and a few offices away, from the World Wide Web. 

As the legend has it, one day of 1992, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, at the time a young computer scientist, walked in Silvano's office, with a new version of web server software to be installed onto the central VAX mainframes, which Silvano's team managed. He saw the picture of the CERN girls band on Silvano's mac, and suggested to post it on a new web page about CERN clubs and free time activities, that he was about to publish. The Web at the time counted only a few hundred sites, and a few thousand users, and Silvano was not quite sure how it worked yet, but he handed the gif file to Tim's student, who posted it. 

That website had a high symbolic value, as for the first time a web page contained info about activities other that Physics. That was the page that opened the World Wide Web to music, arts, fun...  life!
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