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Before discovering that she could sing, she was an actress and a model. At 19 she dropped her life in England, seeking adventure and fun on the continent. She dreamt of snow peaked mountains so she started with Geneva. We never let her go.

After spending her young years working as a secretary, then a 3D graphist and film director at CERN, she quit her office job to become a full time contemporary dancer and Pilates trainer, escaping the world of Physics for more holistic experiences.  Michele is a founding member of the Cernettes, but over two decades of singing career she interacted with all styles and flavours of music, singing jazz, blues, rock, latin, reggae, country and lately death metal! watch her perform for headbanging physicists with hubby and kids in her family band "SourHurricane".

After 25 years of being snowed in, Michele has finally left Geneva's long grey winters behind her, to find eternal summer in the Paradise Island of Mauritius.





As a little girl, Angela's dreams included living in Switzerland and being a jazz singer. Among the highlights of her musical career is giving an impromptu performance alongside Vietnamese musicians in the Pulau Bidong camp in Malaysia and teaming up with local musicians in Central Asia in the late nineties to give fundraising concerts for the Tajikistan Red Crescent in the national theatre of Dushanbe and in Gorno Badakshan. Quite apart from her "Cernettehood" experiences, of which she is of course immensely proud, Angela has made five albums of mostly original compositions since 1999 under various artist names - "The Bliss", "Genève Palace", "Planet Jazz" - and featured on various compilation albums alongside the likes of Bryan Adams and Moloko, with around 200,000 copies of her CDs in circulation. Today, Angela continues to sing her own compositions, jazz standards, Brazilian and French songs alongside talented musicians and singers in and around the Geneva area. She is also a certified CoreSinging™ teacher – a universal approach to singing for all genres focusing on energy, awareness, imagination, practice and performance.


It was the overpowering urge to be in the land of Lindt that prompted Colette to leave bonnie Scotland as she loooves her chocolate !! But she has to work off all those calories somehow and the Cernettes are just what she needs. She can move to the groove and feel the burn, so approach with caution or she'll set you on fire !!  Today Colette lives in Monaco where she is a singing coach.



After spending a few years in Geneva, where she joined the newly born Cernettes, Lynn moved to the US and started a career as a professional jazz singer, finding fame and glory with "Veronneau", a band that bears her name. Nearly 20 years down the line, Lynn rejoined the Cernettes for their "Good Bye" gig, to be able to sing the "Collider" lullaby to CERN physicists for the last time. Today you can find her singiging in live music bars around Washington DC, where she is a jazz sensation.



At a tender 23 years, Anne travelled from the US on vacation to Geneva with a friend who worked in CERN for the summer.  She loved the CERN crowd and the Geneva area so much she decided to stay!!  25 years later she doesn't have any regrets.

She found jobs in the United Nations and spent her nights singing, dancing and acting for shows with the Amateur Theatre groups  (Grease, Stepping Out, The Odd Couple - Female Version, etc)  She met the bass player in the Cernettes and literally begged him to give her an audition.  And they said YES!  The rest is history.  She has been stepping in and singing with the Cernettes for over 20 - yes, 20 years. And loves every minute of it.


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